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Services of General Interest House and Digital support center in Saint Jean en Royans aiming at help people experiencing difficulties with digital tools especially for administrative or social issues.


Royans Vercors (Central French Alps)


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  • Smart Living
  • Smart People
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Applicable in rural, non-city areas?

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Local Region

Affecting (Population)
  • Elderly
  • Students
  • Active Working People
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2009 - ongoing

Evidence of success
In 2018, 700 persons have been supported in the SGIs house, with new inhabitants ( about 200 persons) for a total of 900 supporting processes 94% users are very satisfied from their visit. 82% solved totally their problem due to SGIs house. In 2018 1500 persons came for digital support in Digital Support Center Now SGIs houses are a national public policy in France, 1300 of them exist on the territory, and the goal is 2000 SGIs houses in about 2 years

Detailed information on the practice
SGIs House supports any person coming for administrative or social processes difficulties. France going quickly to administrative digitization (government goal is to get 100% administrative process fully online in 2022) more and more people come for digital support on administrative or social processes (health insurance, employment, financial problems, retirement, family subsidies...). There is a big risk to exacerbate social divide with a digital divide linked to social rights and subsidies, the non use of rights and subsidies is increasing in some parts of the population experiencing digital difficulties. SGI house both supports people with global welcome and solutions, and also with dedicated organizations / persons consulting hours for specific problems. Digital Support Center is next level for inhabitants digital empowerment. For those wanting to be independent, 8 self service computers are made available, and different workshops are proposed to understand digital challenges and be able to use such tools.

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Short description of territory, where best practices are implemented
The Royans-Vercors Intermunicipality is a rural area of 497 km2 located one hour south-west of Grenoble city in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, 9700 inhabitants are living there. That region presents the characteristics of a preserved and attractive environment appreciated both by tourists and inhabitants, thus a touristic destination famous for its landscapes and its local farming products such as nuts fruits. Territory is ageing resulting in public services departure and drop of local community dynamics and economic dynamics. But arrival of young people in the valley area has been noticed recently and let imagine local challenges that Smart Village project can actually address: small diversity of mobility solutions based on major car-dependant use, lack of collaborative, intelligent and digital governance tools, needs for digital ability improvement for some categories of population.

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Resources needed
1 self service room with 8 computers, 1 welcome desk and 2 confidential offices 4 employees : 1 manager, 2 supporting persons for global administrative processes, 1 digital trainer 10 partners having consulting hours in the office

Key conditions for success
Large opening hours Trained and welcoming employees Sufficient time to support the person globally in its social situation

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Association Les Tracols

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0033 4 75 05 21 12

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