Test phase for digital receipts in local retail stores

Baden-Württemberg, germany

A start-up which, among others, originated in the municipality of Löffingen worked on developing a device which is able to send a digital receipt via a free app to the digital device of consumers. Through this procedure, the retail store fulfils its obligation to provide a receipt, but consumers can choose whether or not to receive it digitally.
As part of the establishment of implementation projects in Löffingen, a test phase is planned to be carried out in selected retail stores at the beginning of 2021. The citizens in Löffingen will be familiarised with this digital solution through different information material and personal explanations of the developer in order to include all age groups.

As the test phase is planned for January 2021, it is not yet possible to make statements about how successfully the project is accepted by the citizens of Löffingen.
Applicable in rural, non city areas
Youth, Elderly, Students, Active working people
January 2021 - February 2021


Key conditions for success

Willingness of the retail stores in Löffingen to participate in the test phase. Openness of citizens and good information for citizens on the operation and use of the digital receipt.

Key steps for activity implementation

1) Proper functioning of the device that issues a digital receipt at the beginning of the test phase 2) Encourage retail stores to participate in test phase 3) Availability of good user information material to create understanding and acceptance for the digital receipt 4) Evaluation of the test phase

Dificulties encountered

No difficulties so far as the test phase has not been started yet.

Additional information


Resources needed

Costs for a device to issue a digital receipt are covered by the developer. The municipal administration could possibly subsidize this cost. Good user information material, which is also available from the developers, is needed to create understanding and acceptance for the population in Löffingen.

Would you like to know more?

Contact the project authors for more information about project implementation, resources, planning and impact.

Jonas Rakelmann; Anna Beyrle