Smart conversion – Agricolture and Tourism – Kungota, Padna and Solcava – SLOVENIA

The Municipality of Kungota is a small municipality situated in the north –  eastern part of Slovenia in the hilly region of Slovenske gorice. In the Municipality around 80% of inhabitants are farmers, primarily traditional winegrowers on family farms by working on own land and also rented land. Others work in the service sector such as building construction, electrical infrastructure, carpenters. The Intergenerational   Centre hosts and organises numerous activities and events and is developing as a core hub for a wide range of diverse smart actions ensuring intergenerational involvement and cooperation within the municipality and beyond.

Village Padna is located in a rural area of Coastal Region of Slovenia. Small village is situated on the end of the ridge, with steep slopes of terraces, where ‘cultura mista’ type of crops is grown. The region has a sub-   Mediterranean climate conditions, which enable the development of tourism and some special agricultural crops production (i.e. olive trees, mediterranean herbs). The economy of the region is strongly based on services such as trade, accommodation, and transport that are generated by activities at the port of Koper. In port of Koper also tourists cruise ships have their stopping point. Village Padna provides a genuine experience of the coastal countryside to tourist who are important source of income.

The Municipality of Solčava lies at the Slovenian – Austrian borderline, in the headwaters of Savinja River. The specialty of the region are three parallel Alpine, glacial valleys of Logarska dolina, Robano kot and Matkov kot. 80% of the region is protected under Landscape Park and Natura 2000 site. The municipality covers 103 km2 and has around 550 inhabitants. The community lives in sustainable relationship with environment through traditional or organic farming, forestry and crafts as well as agri- and eco- tourism, thus allowing for continuous environmental protection of the area. The main interests of this project is to foster the already functioning initiatives (cooperation of land owners in Logar valley, wool processing, food products, wood craftsmen, young locals) and professionalize it with new approaches. One of the focal partners is the Municipality Solčava.