Valli del SOL

Smart Mobility – Stura, Orba and Leira Valleys (Valli del SOL) – ITALY

The “Valli del SOL” is a union of municipalities that traces the boundaries of the former mountain community Valli Stura Orba and Leira and that contains within it the municipalities belonging to these three valleys. The center of the area is located about 30 km from the city of Genoa, county seat of the Liguria region, it is made up of 5 municipalities and it is part of the Metropolitan City of Genoa. A part of the territory of the area is included in the Natural Regional Park of the Monte Beigua, a geopark recognized by the UNESCO. The territory is famous for its natural beauties and is historically linked to the breeding and agriculture, as well as to an early paleo industrial development linked to the processing of iron and then the cotton and silk spinning mills. The working of the filigree jewels is still active, while the progressive transfer of the companies starting from the second half of the last century has started commuting processes that still today have a certain relevance.

WPT1 Survey on TA Smartness Self Assestment: the representatives of the municipalities of the Valli del SOL fillied to the questionnaire on the Smartness Self Assestment. A good start before going into the subject with the other members of the RSG

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Metropolitan City of Genoa has published the new PUMS (Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan) and has identified in the SmartVillages project many points of contact with the PUMS strategies. For this reason the SV project may coincide with a moment of updating and intermediate monitoring of the PUMS. It is a great honor and a wonderful opportunity to work together for a more efficient and sustainable mobility system!