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Candle – the heart among the vineyards and gastronomic excellence

Svečina, (German: Witschein) is a settlement in the western Slavic Hills (Slovene: Slovenske gorice) north of Plach in the Municipality of Kungota in northeastern Slovenia. The majority was attested in historical sources as Wetschin and Wetsine in 1197 Baetscheine in 1269, among other spellings). Locally, the settlement is known as Quantity. The name may be derived from the common noun * more 'council', with the initial s- possibly by association with the related word world 'advice'. In the past it was known as Witschein in German. There is a manor house in the settlement. Its foundations date to the 12th century, but the current building is late Renaissance dating to 1629 with a square floor plan and four corner turrets. It was built by the monks of St. Lambrecht's Abbey in Austria. Since 1936 it has been a secondary school, now belonging to the Agricultural College of Maribor. Notable people who were born or lived in Volume: • Andreas Perlach (1490–1551), court astrologer and chancellor of the University of Vienna Slovenske gorice, near the Slovenian-Austrian border, where the main activity of farms is focused on viticulture and fruit growing. We are known for the famous road, the heart among the vineyards; but this is only in space the actual picture of the hearty and kind people who have lived here for centuries and create a mosaic of recognition and excellence of Slovenian gastronomic richness, cultural heritage, rich natural landscape and famous people who were born here (* Andrej Perlach) or lived and lived here. They are all heroes!
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