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The BSM brings together what belongs together - on the B2B level!
The cooperation platform for the economy in the four-country region of Lake Constance is the link that is supposed to offer support to companies during and after the corona pandemic. There, companies can search for the resources they need or offer free capacities and other services.

The aim of the platform is to bring together as many companies as possible so that regional companies and value chains can be strengthened and supported.
Handling is easy - once the registration has been activated, companies can post one or more requests or offers and also change or delete them at any time. This shows which resources and services the companies in the region have to offer, whereby a further focus should be placed on regional supply chains and products. This focus should continue even after the corona pandemic.

Over 50 users have already registered and almost 40 offers are online. The B2B platform has been mentioned in several media.
Applicable in rural, non city areas
Local area
Youth, Elderly, Students, Active working people
April bis Mai 2020


Key conditions for success

Taking a comprehensive marketing concept should generate traffic on the website. The support of the economy around Lake Constance will continue even after the crisis. If the restoration of supply chains is a priority today, our long-term goal is to have a lively exchange of goods and services in this region. The platform will therefore continue to be valid even after the crisis.

Key steps for activity implementation

Concept, layout, acquisition of partners, programming, marketing measures

Resources needed

Team BSM GmbH, data processing for programming sole Menpower BSM from concept to implementation and marketing

Would you like to know more?

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Carolin Schnaidt und Carmen Reinertz

0049 7531 800 1151