Ridesharing platform Ummadum

Tyrol, austria

Ummadum supports municipalities to reduce traffic. Less traffic means less CO2 and harmful emissions. The municipality provides ummadum points digital with the ummadum portal. Citizens can use the provided points to drive together. This is how municipalities motivate and promote the idea of driving together.

ummadum is installed in the 4 municipalities of the Pitztal. Some people in the communities are using the ridesharing platform already. Due to corona crisis, the platform is limited at the moment
Applicable in rural, non city areas
Local area
Elderly, Students, Active working people
01/2020 - ongoing


Key conditions for success

Communication; open minded people; similar movement paths

Key steps for activity implementation

finding communities and companies which are interested in ummadum; analysing the moving patterns; communicate the new app to inhabitans

Dificulties encountered

Corona crises are tough challenges for ridesharing paltforms. In this time ummadum added new services to the app. People were not so motivated to use rideshares.

Resources needed

Ummadum app; points for "paying" the driver; people who share rides; local stores, in which you can change the points into goods

Would you like to know more?

Visit the website of the project for more details or contact the author

Standortagentur Tirol GmbH

Julia Scharting