A new pillar in the form of a bike trail allows Sportbahnen Marbachegg AG to offer activities tailored to the target group - even in low-snow years and in the off-season. The most attractive route from Marbachegg along the ski slope and hiking path to the village was built and officially opened on June 30, 2019. The route makes the best possible use of the topography, affects agricultural areas as little as possible and completely bypasses protection zones (hunting ban areas, bog protection areas, wildlife protection zones, endangered species). The construction increases the added value of the existing gondola lift, as the bikes are transported to the starting point on Marbachegg by gondola. The building uses the natural resources of the site and thus promotes tourism in summer and in times of low snow.

The first Bike-Flowtrail has been opened in june 2019. Since then, it has exceeded the expectations. Far more customers are visiting Marbach and the Bike-Flowtrail. Another Bike-Flowtrail will be openend in 2021.
Applicable in rural, non city areas
Youth, Students
September 2016 - June 2019


Key conditions for success

A knowledge about the benefits of tourism for the region. A very good project team. The right idea in the right moment.

Key steps for activity implementation

Finding the right partner for the realization of the Bike-Flowtrail, one, that has a good network into the bike-market.

Dificulties encountered

It took a lot of effort to get every landowner on board.

Resources needed

Project team.

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Alexander Siegenthaler