Lower Austria, austria
Can a low voltage power grid support one street if allhouseholds are using an electric car? A small villagein Lower Austria was selected to test the influenceof e-cars on the power grid. 18 households got 23e-cars for their daily use. A simple control technologymonitored the voltage in the grid and slowed downthe charging process if needed. Within the six weekstryout the voltage in the grid was never in a criticalstate and each morning all cars had a full battery. Theparticipants were enthusiastic and used the electriccars for 90 percent of their everyday trips, with a totalof 53.000 km in 6 weeks.In the future, the field test will be extended. In the villageObersiebenbrunn, it will be analysed how e-mobilitycan be realised in large scale residential buildings; witha focus on charging in underground parking and e-carsharing systems. In a third village called Echsenbach,an intensification of the first field test will be repeated.Winter months will provide insights into extraordinarysituations with additional consumption of heat pumpsand electric cars.
Applicable in rural, non city areas
Youth, Elderly, Students

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