KMU Digital – Smart tourism

Pitztal, austria

We conducted a workshop together with TVB Pitztal for the hoteliers in the Pitztal. Interested persons were invited to an workshop with the expert Harald Hofer, who gave a talk about digitalisation in the tourism field. Afterwards, there was the possibility for consultation and the recommendation of KMU Digital - a funding opportunity for hoteliers in the digital field.

workshop with hoteliers about digitalisation; consultations with hoteliers and recommendation of further fundings
Applicable in rural, non city areas
Local area
Active working people
07/2019 - 02/2020


Key conditions for success

know - how about the topic; experts for the topic; interested hoteliers

Key steps for activity implementation

finding a key note speaker; inviting people from an existing network; conducting the workshop

Dificulties encountered

lack of knowledge, time and money among the hoteliers

Resources needed

keynotespeaker; workshop room; moderation of workshop; tourism association, which is inviting the hoteliers etc.

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Standortagentur Tirol GmbH

Julia Scharting