Maribor Wine Road

Styria - Štajerska, slovenia

This tour is only one of many tours that integrate different service providers (from transportation service to culinary experience, historical sights, etc...) on our platform where tourist can find and buy integral tourist packages,

The service providers on the wine road have been trying for the past decade to promote their product and be as successful as our neighbours over the border. As we successfully manage to put the providers together in multiple integral tourist packages, one of those had become most popular tour for the tourists. It is a top-ranking tourist offer because it consists of several various services.
Applicable in rural, non city areas
Local area
Youth, Elderly, Students, Active working people
from 2017 - ongoing


Key conditions for success

It is very important for each partner in the package to deliver the experience that they are promising. It is also very important to include only the partners (suppliers) that will be able to execute their offer at all times as defined in the programme (e.q - available from Tue - Sun) Usually, this means it will only work with partners who employ more than one person or have a good substitute for replacement.

Key steps for activity implementation

Preparation of an offer that is attractive to tourists Contacting future partners (suppliers) Negotiation terms and conditions of cooperation Execution of a trial wine tour Promotion of a wine tour on website and elsewhere

Dificulties encountered

The biggest challenge are the people who are involved, that means it is necessary to deliver constant level of service. It is also important to have a substitute for venues or sights in case something goes wrong / floods, etc. It is important to inform the tourists or buyers of any changes of the programme in advance, before they book or buy a wine tour. Constant control of the level of service provided,...etc.

Resources needed

human resources needed, advertising costs, legal advices for the partners contracts

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Maribor - Pohorje Tourist Board

Bernarda Karo

+386 2 234 66 08