Pomurje, slovenia

KULTNATURA is a brand developed within the project ZELENO ŽELIMO, implemented within the Interreg cross-border programme of Slovenia-Croatia. 10 partners are implementing the project where 5 have touristic background, 2 are supporting organizations dealing with connecting the offer of the hinterland and doing the education, 1 is technology oriented providing new solutions and technologies for modern tourism and 2 are municipalities (local public authorities). The brand is connecting 4 different type of offer from both sides of the border; 1) Culinary, 2) wine, 3) Nature and movement, 4) handcrafts.There are more than 50 providers included in the brand, which are presented on the website of the project and also in the mobile application.

Kultnatura is a brand which is connecting two regions into one touristic product. It is a cross-border area which has many different small (usually family owned) farms and tourist attractions. That offer of the rural area is connected through help of the common brand and is being promoted with help of digital activities (webpage, mobile application, social media,...)
Applicable in rural, non city areas
Youth, Elderly, Students, Active working people
September 2017 - ongoing


Key conditions for success

Key conditions are in providing the traditional and authentic charm of the area with new modern approaches. The whole territory is known for warm hospitallity and great food, so the tourist is feel like at home. The important fact is to give the toursit an offer that he will stay in the region (area) for longer time, meaning that everyone in the area will benefit from it (hotels, restaurants, touristic areas, herritages,...). The success is to have new modern approaches so that tourist are able to find the offer online and over modern technologies.

Key steps for activity implementation

Key steps are connected with making a common brand, meaning that tourist feels the same and is treated the same everywhere he goes. This is done by implementing set of activities, from visual apperance to set of rules which are followed by everyone. All this is done through education and workshop. Another important aspect is also to promote the brand and area over modern technologies (mobile, web, social media).

Dificulties encountered

Main difficulties are connected on how to teach the providers to start using also modern approaches. Especially to old traditional toursim providers, new modern technologies represent an issue and burden. Within the project we devoted time to them in order to present them the ways on how to easily use modern approaches and how to be digitally connected.

Resources needed

Main resources needed are in form of people working with providers to have them all connected under one umbrella (brand KULTNATURA). Building their knowledge and creating a common approach to the tourist. On other hand also some small investments were done on some specific areas in order to accpet the tourists and give them warm hospitality in the area.

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Tomaž Zadravec