Virtual Wine tasting

Western Slovenia, slovenia

Divina Wine Hub Šmarje is primarily aimed at the young winemakers of Slovenian Istria. This practice was created on the initiative from the young winemakers of wine-growing region of Slovenian Istria, who want to ensure efficient future appearance in domestic and foreign markets, as well as an innovative industry integration and organized support in the field of innovation and advanced ICT tools. Through an innovative approach and partnership, activities will be aimed at connecting key actors in rural areas in order to create new development, entrepreneurial and employment opportunities and strengthen sustainable production, consumption, exchange and spatial organization.
The three key learning potentials have been identified within the hub’s priorities:
1. Participation of young winemakers;
2. Identification and use of advanced ICT technologies in joint promotion, marketing and sale of the common and individual products – wines;
3. Economic efficiency and optimization of business.
This good practice represents a unique supportive hub for the promotion of local wine products using ICT tools. Wines together with specific instructions, are received in advance. The virtual event takes place through an online meeting tool. During it, participants can learn about the wine, but also about the winemakers, their legacy and ambitions. By implementing this good practice, the beneficiaries will also be other stakeholders from the area of Slovenian Istria (branch wine organizations, associations, consortia, farms and companies, tourist organizations, municipalities etc.).
The Divina Wine Hub is strategically located and represents a unique supportive hub for stipulation of the common goals and activities, as well as creation of a strong supportive environment which will foster active cooperation and agricultural holdings, resulting in increased market competitiveness through joint products - wines under a single brand, and a joint oenological technological production.
In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for finding new ways of getting in touch with potential customers, virtual wine tasting from Divina Wine Hub proves to be not only innovative, but also a lot of fun and, after all, COVID-19 safe.

Organization of several wine tasting events in Autumn and Winter 2020.
Applicable in rural, non city areas
Local area
Youth, Elderly, Students, Active working people
October 2020 - ongoing


Key conditions for success

Access to the internet, motivated locals (local heroes), who act as coordinators on the local level and represent the link between the community and other stakeholders.

Key steps for activity implementation

Identify local coordinators - local heroes; Identify what kind of connectivity is available in the village; Identify and prioritize spots in the village that need internet access; Identify local IT integrators; Install wifi access points; Identify digital services that will have high social, economic and environmental impact for the residents; Look for funding; Design and develop digital products and services; Measure impacts.

Dificulties encountered

Except of COVID-related issues (unable to meet with the stakeholders), there were no major issues encounterened. On the other side, COVID encouraged new bussiness models enabled by digital technologies, in our case virtual wine tasting. Another lesson learned was - when you present good project, it is easy to encourage big companies invest in your project, in our case IoT in the vineyards.

Additional information

Resources needed

HSBN access, Wi-Fi access points, local IT integrators, local coordinators.

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University of Ljubljana, Faculty of electrical engineering

Emilija Stojmenova Duh