On demand transportation – Collectif Bouge Tranquille

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Royans Vercors (Central French Alps), france

Bouge Tranquille is a group of citizens that allowed a real thinking and actions on mobility on the Royans territory.Now that group handles organized hitch hiking with stop points and confidence mechanisms. It also created an on demand transportation system, Royans Express, which is now managed by the social center la paz and propose regular transport on classical trips or on demand transport at home. It also created 4 carpooling areas on the territory and linked with an existing carpooling website at a larger scale. The project is now entering in energy transition thinking, and the next stages of development will inlcude electric mobility consideration for new investments.

Stop points and carsharing areas installed. Royans Express working and growing. In 2018, 3000 tickets sold. More than 20 inhabitants actively invovled in the service running (mostly driving the buses) A second car, this time electric car, has been put in place more recently. Collectif Bouge Tranquille is now expecting a new loop to be launched in order to extend the territory coverage, to the villages situated in remote areas of Vercors mountains.
Applicable in rural, non city areas
Local area
2010 - ongoing


Key conditions for success

Local population involvement. Duration of the project and pilote structure to handle funding and support activities.

Resources needed

Investment for electric cars : 1 minibus, 1car with european funding 1 person from the social center for process animation

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Centre Social La Paz


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