Caseificio Val d’Aveto – Investing to sustain the local supply chain

Liguria, italy

Collection of the milk from different cattle farms of Val d'Aveto territory and milk processing. Automation of the packer in order to increase the production and, in this way, create new jobs.

The dairy has maintained an entirely local supply chain, thus contributing to a strong territorial identification of its products. Moreover, it employs 23 people from the Aveto Valley; 3 jobs were created by the investments made with the 2014 – 2020 RDP support. The dairy collects milk from 20 cattle farms. In 2017, it collected 15.000 q. of milk and it processed 25% more milk from local suppliers between 2016 and 2018.
Applicable in rural, non city areas
Local area
Youth, Students, Active working people


Key conditions for success

The existence of a local supply chain

Key steps for activity implementation

-Investigate the existence of a local supply chain that can support the activity -Create a local network of farmers -Invest in new technologies

Dificulties encountered

It is necessary to invest in rural SMEs in order to avoid the abandonment of agricultural activities

Resources needed

It is needed a huge investment amount

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